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These are examples from a project I did for Dennis’ 7 Dees. A landscaper and garden supply business here in Portland, Oregon. I was asked to create a marketing campaign. Proposed campaign was “Diggin My Garden”. We wanted to be sure to bring clients into the garden centers to purchase supplies and take educational classes. Above is how the campaign looks on a banner in one of the garden centers, a “Call-to-Action” card that would be attached to their receipts at check out, a sidewalk sign, and social media posts for Facebook and Instagram.

Mailbox Merchants Print Examples

Print Collateral for Mailbox Merchants, DemoGraphix Media and Signature Graphics. A major printer and direct mail companies located in Portland, Oregon.  Media includes, sell sheets based on specific verticals like restaurants, quick-serve, bedding, auto and others.  Creation of postcards and ads for mass mail distribution and trade-show booth design.

Dave's Killer Bread Promotion Package

I was asked to create a marketing campaign for Dave’s Killer Bread with branding that would fit on their current bread wrapper for their 11 grain bread and then print and digital ads to support the campaign. The campaign was “Eat Me”, as the current trend at the time was decreasing everyone’s consumption of bread products out of fear of “Gluten”! I wanted to highlight that eating the 11 whole grains had more benefit and it was definitely ok to eat bread still.

ODPSF Print Collateral

Orthodontic Pediatric Dentistry was located in Downtown San Francisco right on the main bus line. They had just done a complete remodel of their facility and wanted new branding including logo, website, print and digital collateral.  Above shows just a sampling of the cards, signage and referral pad created for their practice.  The different color of the cards represents both sides of their practice.  Purple for orthodontia and white for dentistry. Their office was also built out so the decor echoed those colors also. New signage including sidewalk sandwich signs were created to draw attention in to their doors from the bustling crowds that walked by their office every day. You can view an example of their new website on the website page or by clicking here.

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I love Graphic and Web Design.  I chose it for my second career and I am so glad I did.  I enjoy continuously learning and I am always seeking out avenues to add to my skills.  Recently I’ve taken classes in CSS Accessibility, JavaScript, UX Design, Google Analytics, and design Web Apps.

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