Logos and Branding

Some Recent Projects

These are examples of various logos I have designed.  Different types of clientele from creative, to dental, medical and corporate. Each with different processes and thoughts. Some totally open to my creation and others with a strict guidelines. But in the end, the client is king and my customer and it is “they” who I want to be happy. I believe they all were!

These business cards are actually for my employer. New business cards because I created a new logo for the company. They (Mailbox Merchants) began the new logo redesign process about seven years previous to me coming to work for them.  Eventually we were able to get one that all management liked and agreed to for an entire branding change. These business cards are for the parent company, Signature Graphics and a child company, Mailbox Merchants.

More Logos

Let’s Work Together

I love Graphic and Web Design.  I chose it for my second career and I am so glad I did.  I enjoy continuously learning and I am always seeking out avenues to add to my skills.  Recently I’ve taken classes in CSS Accessibility, JavaScript, UX Design, Google Analytics, and design Web Apps.

  • Portland, Oregon

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  • MichelleWynant@yahoo.com