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Recent Projects

Below is two examples of website redesigns I completed for my employer.  The first was for Mailbox Merchants, child company of Signature Graphics. The second example is for another child company, DemoGraphix Media.  I also completed three more rebuilds in 2020 for child companies, DemoGraphix Media, Kobalt Design Group, and Archer 3P Logistics. Mailbox Merchants also shows an example of what the website looked like before redesign.  Along with this redesign, was a rebranding project including a new logo.  You can see the new logo here.

Mailbox Merchants

DemoGraphix Media

Hayes Consulting

Hayes Consulting assists companies with their Contact Management Systems. When the owner contacted me, he was needing to build a new website that showcased the different CMS that he represented along with all of the services his team provided to their clients.

My role: I met with the owners and worked on a project plan that directed the flow of the new design.  Designed the new logo. Designed and built out the website in WordPress.

CRM Pro Partners

CRM Pro Partners was a new consulting company that was referred over from Hayes Consulting.  The power of “word-of-mouth” is amazing. If you do your best and deliver to your clients what you promise, then referrals can flow from that relationship.  Several of my clients come in from referrals.  Love my clients!

My role: Met with Marshall, the owner, and discussed what worked and didn’t work with his current website, then drew up a plan that addressed his points that he wanted to incorporate into this new website. I mocked up a design that we honed together and then built out the design in WordPress. He also needed a logo that I designed for the new website, social media, and printed collateral.

Orthopedic Pediatric Dentistry San Francisco

Orthodontic Pediatric Dentistry San Francisco was a client that was going through a rebranding process. They had just redesigned their offices and were located on a busy transit line in downtown San Francisco and wanted to draw in crowds with new signage, website, printed collateral and social media. The office was divided into two sides, one for orthodontic work and the other for pediatric dentistry.  The sides differentiated by colors orange and purple which we carried through on their website as well as the printed collateral.

My role: I met with the doctors and their teams, wrote the design brief, received client approval, designed and built out the website, designed and delivered print files for signage, stationery, business cards and referral pads.

Mandelaris Pediatric Dentistry

The practice is now called “Davis Kids Dentistry” located in Davis, California.  At the time of my redesign, the practice was Mandelaris Children’s Dentistry.  Dr. Mandelaris has just redecorated his office with the transportation theme and was wanting a website that matched the new look of his office.

My role: I met with the doctor and his team and wrote the design brief, sought approval from the doctor, designed a logo, designed and built out the new website in CMS, html and css. Worked with teammates who assisted with SEO and content management.

Bee Happy Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Pahls contacted us for a new website for her pediatric dentistry practice.  It was so fun to work with her logo.  She was totally open to the bright colors of pink and chartreuse green.

My role: As project manager and lead designer for this website build, I spoke with Dr. Pahls about her vision for her website. I wrote up a design brief and working in a Content Management System and using html and css, I built out the approved design. The social media icons were designed to match her logo and the colors on her site immolated those in her office decor so that when someone had booked an appointment from her website then visited her office, they would feel a connection and familiarity.

Northwest Kidney Kids

Northwest Kidney Kids was a volunteer web design and build out.  A very nice group of people to work with and a honor to be asked to lead this project. They manage the website themselves, so I’ve noticed its not been kept to branding parameters we had set up for it. But I wanted to include it in my portfolio because I believe that giving back is truly important and when we have skills that can help a non-profit out and hopefully bring them more recognition and thus donations to further their cause, we have responsibility to step up to the plate.

My role: As project manager and designer, I met with representatives from the board and staff to find out what was important to them. In creating the mock-up for approval, it was important that I make sure a visitor could get more of their inquiries answered on the homepage, or at least provided the path to get their answers within one click.  We were provided some of the kids artwork and photos, one being a child with a butterfly and from there the design evolved.  The website was built in a content management system using html,css, and flexbox.

Let’s Work Together

I love Graphic and Web Design.  I chose it for my second career and I am so glad I did.  I enjoy continuously learning and I am always seeking out avenues to add to my skills.  Recently I’ve taken classes in CSS Accessibility, JavaScript, UX Design, Google Analytics, and design Web Apps.

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